Current Beer List

  • New Zealand Joy Ride

    West Coast IPA   |   7.5%

    New Zealand Joy Ride is a West Coast IPA featuring New Zealand Cascade, Nelson Sauvin, and Nectaron hops. You’ll taste notes of pineapple, peach, grapefruit, and white grape.

  • Rec League Legend

    Blond Ale   |   5.25%

    Do blondes really have more fun? Taste our new Rec League Legend and find out! You will find notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit with a crackery malt finish. This beer was brewed to be very light and approachable, good for anyone who wants something bright but not too big, blonde and bold.

  • King of Cool

    Hazy IPA   |   7.5%

    King of Cool is a Hazy IPA that boasts intense hop aromatics. You'll taste fruit-forward notes of pineapple, melon, citrus, and passionfruit.

  • Coast to Coast (Space Ghost)

    Citrus Hard Seltzer   |   5.5%

    Space Ghost (Coast to Coast) is a new hard seltzer brewed with Tang. That’s it. That’s literally it. This seltzer looks like Tang and has a bright orange taste.

  • Silk Cinderblocks

    Hazy IPA   |   6.7%

    Silk Cinderblocks starts with a grain bill that uses Pilsner malt as it’s base, then gets a large amount of flaked wheat and flaked oats which are high in protein which contributes to the hazy appearance and soft mouthfeel. We ferment the beer with our classic London Ale yeast strain then hop the beer with a mix of Bru-1, Mosaic Cryo, and Sultana hops. The tasting notes of the final beer feature a mix of ripe pineapple, tropical fruits and a classic “dank” hop profile.

  • Slow Your Roll

    Milk Stout with Vanilla Beans   |   6.5%

    Slow Your Roll is a classic milk stout conditioned on vanilla beans. It’s brewed with English grown Maris Otter malt which creates the sweet biscuity foundation, then we blend in a mix of caramel malts, chocolate malts, and a touch of roasted malts.

  • WTF: Mango, Pineapple, Guava

    Smoothie Sour   |   5.0

    We use pilsner malt, flaked oats, and malted wheat to create a beer that is golden in color with high protein malts, then add lactose to create that extra creamy and velvety texture. We condition the beer on vanilla beans for a full week, then adding in a large amount of mango puree, pineapple puree, and pink guava puree. The Mango, Pineapple, Guava is a smoothie sour in our WTF (Way Too Fruity) series.

  • Moon Bluff Juicy IPA

    Hazy IPA   |   7%

    We're not bluffing when we say this aromatic, juicy IPA will wash over you with an incredibly soft, velvety tide of Galaxy, Citra, and Sabro hops. Your taste buds will love the waxing and waning notes of overripe peach, tropical passionfruit, and juicy pineapple in every sip.

  • Minnesota Ice

    Kolsch   |   4.8%

    Minnesota Ice is our extra cold fermented, supremely drinkable Kolsch. Brewed with 100% German ingredients, Minnesota Ice was made to be the beer you can drink all day every day. It's light, it's subtle and it's delicious.

  • Foggy Bottom

    Hazy IPA   |   6.8%

    Foggy Bottom is our house IPA. Brewed with Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, it has some light bitterness with notes of stone fruit and subtle blueberry. We ferment the beer with English Ale yeast to add subtle citrus and vanilla notes. The final beer is slightly sweet with minimal bitterness. You will taste a ton of hop flavor and aromatics consisting of stone fruit, subtle pine, blueberry, tropical fruit and other citrus notes.

  • Super Soft Birthday Party Seltzer

    Hard Seltzer w/ Pineapple and Key Lime   |   5.0%

    Super Soft Birthday Party is a fruit forward hard seltzer. Once we have the water blended in with the seltzer, we conditioned the seltzer on a ton of pineapple and key lime puree. You can expect notes of: tropical, fruit forward, pineapple, and tart key lime. Happy Super Soft Birthday Big Shoots.

  • Border Battle Golden Ale

    Golden Ale   |   5.2%

    The recipe is a very simple golden ale brewed with Pilsner malt and a touch of biscuit malt to add a very slight biscuit forward maltiness. We hopped the beer with Bravo and Sultana hops and fermented it dry and clean with our standard American Ale Yeast. The resulting beer is light, clean, and drinkable with minimal bitterness and a nice and light pineapple and berry forward hop aroma. The same recipe was sent out to all breweries that participated and it was up to our discretion as to how to use the ingredients. This beer is very approachable and is a great option for people that want something light and easy drinking but maybe don’t want something that tastes like a lager.

  • Gales of November

    Barleywine   |   10.5%

    Gales of November is a new Barleywine. We did a double mash, using the amount of grains needed to produce two beers to produce one extremely thick, viscous and high gravity beer. We used over a ton of English Maris Otter malt as our base to create a biscuity malt base. We then sprinkled in some crystal malts and a touch of chocolate malt to darken the color to almost black and to add some caramel, toffee and chocolate notes. We hopped it with American grown Columbus and Centennial to add enough bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the beer but without making it overly hoppy. Gales of November is darker and higher in ABV than most English Barleywines but isn’t quite hoppy enough to be classified as an American Barleywine. The finished beer is dark and thick with notes of caramel, toffee, dried fruits, subtle chocolates with a bit of heat from the alcohol.

  • Darkhouse

    Czech Dark Lager   |   4.5%

    Darkhouse is a Czech Lager brewed with Czech and German grown malted barley, fermented low and slow with a quintessential Czech lager yeast, and naturally carbonated. This beer is dark but crisp and clean with notes of baker's chocolate, dark fruits and subtle roasted notes. Enjoy it in the taproom or find it near you in stores. Fun fact: Darkhouse is another name for an ice shanty. Which makes this a great beer to take along ice fishing.

  • Mosaic Hop Water

    Non Alcoholic Sparkling Hop Water   |   0.0%

    Mosaic Hop Water is a new, non alcoholic sparkling water, made with Mosaic hops. We started off with just water, boiled it to deaerate and make sure everything was totally clean, then adjusted the pH to a low level to help prevent any spoilers since there’s no alcohol. The final result is a non-alcoholic, low cal, low carb, gluten free sparkling hop seltzer. It is bright and bubbly with tasting notes of green grass, subtle pine and fruit.

  • Ecstatic Static West Coast IPA

    West Coast IPA    |   7.5%

    Ecstatic Static is brewed with Simcoe, Citra Cryo, Citra Incognito and Strata hops, creating a west coast IPA that is clear, dry, with moderate bitterness, a very clean malt flavor but with a big, fruit forward hop expression consisting of orange, peach, melon, and subtle dankness. Enjoy this modern take our our West Coast IPA while it lasts!