Current Beer List

  • Riwaka Waka

    Hazy IPA   |   6.6%

    Riwaka Waka is a new hazy IPA brewed with Citra and New Zealand grown Riwaka hops. This hazy comes in at 6.6% ABV and is soft, juicy, and full of tropical fruit flavors with minimal bitterness.

  • Buckshot

    Dark English Mild   |   4.0%

    Buckshot English Mild is a dark, English style pub ale brewed entirely with English ingredients, including English grown East Kent Golding hops to add a subtle bitterness with very faint floral notes. The final product is a malt forward ale with notes of biscuit, caramel, toffee, and chocolate.

  • All Inclusive

    Mexican Lager   |   4.8%

    A Mexican Lager brewed just in time for Cinco De Mayo and the warmer spring weather. A Mexican lager isn’t an official beer style per se, but we modeled this beer off of some of our favorite light lagers from Mexico (Pacifico, Tecate, Modelo, etc.). The beer is crisp and drinkable with subtle honey and corn flake notes. It is extremely light, approachable and meant to be drank outside like you're poolside at an all inclusive resort.

  • It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

    Hazy IPA   |   6.8%

    A hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with the Washburn Center for Children in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Promoting mental health and the collaboration with Washburn are things that our Sales Representative Brent is passionate about, so we used his favorite hops - Citra, Strata and Sabro! You’ll taste notes of ripe peach, and apricot, orange, melon, subtle coconut and pineapple. Available on tap and in cans, $1 dollar from every 4 pack sold will go towards the Washburn Center for Children.

  • Midwest Oceans

    Cream Ale   |   5.0%

    Midwest Oceans is a cream ale made up of Pilsner and Vienna malts, with Crystal hops to create a light and clean bodied beer. The final product is a crisp, easy drinking beer with subtle notes of honey, biscuit, corn flakes, and a very light bitterness!

  • Nowhere To Be

    Grapefruit Wheat   |   5.0%

    Nowhere To Be is a classic American Wheat Beer with a touch of grapefruit. It is a citrus forward light beer with low bitterness, tropical hop flavor, and subtle grapefruit. It isn’t an in-your-face fruit explosion, but something brewed to be light, drinkable, and fruity without being a fruit bomb.

  • WTF Miami Vice

    Miami Vice Style Smoothie Sour   |   5%

    On the tail end of spring break, we present the newest installment in our WTF (Way Too Fruity) series, Miami Vice! What’s a Miami Vice? Inspired by the world renowned cocktail, we made this sour beer with cream of coconut and obscene amounts of strawberry, pineapple, and lime puree. Expect a ridiculously thick, fruit forward, tropical experience that brings you right back to MTV Spring Break, 1998.

  • Gold Dust

    Hazy IPA   |   7.2%

    Gold Dust is a new hazy IPA hopped exclusively with Citra hops to give it a peach forward hop base. It was then dry hopped with Mosaic, El Dorado and more Citra hops to create a big, fruit forward beer with minimal bitterness. You will taste notes of ripe peach, berry, tropical fruit and stone fruit.

  • Maibock

    Maibock   |   6.5%

    Maibock is a new lager brewed to welcome in the spring season! In German “Mai” means “May” and these lagers were brewed to be a transitional beer during the short Bavarian spring. It would be too cold to be outside in the garden but too bright to stay inside. Our Maibock is brewed with German grown Pilsner malt, and Munich and Carahell malts. It’s hopped with Spalter Select hops which give it a light bitterness and nice floral hop character. This beer is clean and crisp with a slightly biscuity and subtle malty and floral character.

  • Paddy’s Lament

    Irish Red Ale   |   5.0%

    Paddy’s Lament is a traditional Irish Red Ale brewed for Saint Patrick’s Day! This traditional, no frills red ale is lightly hopped with English grown Kent Golding hops to add a subtle floral and marmalade flavor. The finished beer has notes of biscuit, subtle toffee and caramel with a slight floral and marmalade forward hop expression and slightly sweet finish. It’s a beer that isn’t meant to fussed over and is a great choice for a day drinking session. Cheers!

  • Pipe Dreams

    West Coast IPA   |   7.5%

    Pipe Dreams is a classic West Coast IPA brewed with Columbus, Simcoe, Cascade and Amarillo hops. You'll taste a subtle malty backbone with a higher level of bitterness. You will also get notes of dank pine, grapefruit, orange, and other citrus. This is also the first beer entirely designed by Dane, our brewer!

  • Coast to Coast (Space Ghost)

    Citrus Hard Seltzer   |   5.5%

    Space Ghost (Coast to Coast) is a new hard seltzer brewed with Tang. That’s it. That’s literally it. This seltzer looks like Tang and has a bright orange taste.

  • Minnesota Ice

    Kolsch   |   4.8%

    Minnesota Ice is our extra cold fermented, supremely drinkable Kolsch. Brewed with 100% German ingredients, Minnesota Ice was made to be the beer you can drink all day every day. It's light, it's subtle and it's delicious.

  • Foggy Bottom

    Hazy IPA   |   6.8%

    Foggy Bottom is our house IPA. Brewed with Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, it has some light bitterness with notes of stone fruit and subtle blueberry. We ferment the beer with English Ale yeast to add subtle citrus and vanilla notes. The final beer is slightly sweet with minimal bitterness. You will taste a ton of hop flavor and aromatics consisting of stone fruit, subtle pine, blueberry, tropical fruit and other citrus notes.

  • Mosaic Hop Water

    Non Alcoholic Sparkling Hop Water   |   0.0%

    Mosaic Hop Water is a new, non alcoholic sparkling water, made with Mosaic hops. We started off with just water, boiled it to deaerate and make sure everything was totally clean, then adjusted the pH to a low level to help prevent any spoilers since there’s no alcohol. The final result is a non-alcoholic, low cal, low carb, gluten free sparkling hop seltzer. It is bright and bubbly with tasting notes of green grass, subtle pine and fruit.

  • Ecstatic Static West Coast IPA

    West Coast IPA    |   7.5%

    Ecstatic Static is brewed with Simcoe, Citra Cryo, Citra Incognito and Strata hops, creating a west coast IPA that is clear, dry, with moderate bitterness, a very clean malt flavor but with a big, fruit forward hop expression consisting of orange, peach, melon, and subtle dankness. Enjoy this modern take our our West Coast IPA while it lasts!

  • Piedmont Pilsner

    Pilsner   |   5.2%

    Striking a delicate balance of mildly bitter Columbus hops and slightly spiced, floral Czech Saaz, this lightly hopped German-style pilsner is as crisp and refreshing as your annual trip to the North Shore.

  • High Energy Hefeweizen

    Hefeweizen   |   5.3%

    With better weather comes High Energy Hefeweizen. Brewed with an elaborate but traditional step mash to coax out all that classic yeast character before naturally conditioning in the keg for a few extra weeks, Heartland Hefeweizen is a classic German style wheat beer to help ring in the spring season. It's bright, zippy, and will only be around for a limited time.