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The Park Project


We need your help to complete the funding and Development of Plymouth’s newest Park!

The Luce Line Foundation is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 foundation formed in 2021. The Foundation’s mission is to develop and maintain a park and other similar community enhancements. We seek to broaden participation in supporting and maintaining Luce Line Park, and to secure and strengthen its positive impact on our community well into the future.

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The Vision

The park will contain provide the following features that will benefit the community….

Access to the Luce Line Trail in a section of the trail that does not have access. The grade of the railroad spur of 3 degrees or less and its direct flow onto the existing trail will provide better access to both local trail users to the trail and traveling users access to local businesses.

Children’s Play Area to provide entertainment for children in the area. The adjacent neighborhoods do not have a children’s play area. All family patrons of the park would benefit from having an area that entertains children.

Community Cohesion from people working together to make the park a reality, maintain it, and enjoy it together. The park will create a sense of community for those that gather to fund, build it out, or use it for recreation. It will reinforce the sense of community as everyone gets involved in their own way.

Green Space for people to enjoy therapeutically. Sometimes a hectic day can dissolve away within a walk through the park.

Improve the tax value of surrounding properties. Parks tend to increase the value of surrounding properties (within 500 feet) by 5 percent.

Parking Lot will provide access to park goers and trail users instead of using parking of private businesses up and down the block. This will reduce business owner concerns about risks and eliminate or reduce ill-will towards trail users by concerned local property owners.

Pickle / Paddle Ball Courts for individual, team, and league use by the local community and as a draw of others to the community. Both Pickle ball and Paddle ball are fast growing sports which have limited access in our community and adjacent communities. Availability of these courts will draw people from near and far.

Opportunity for exercise for those wanting to use the facilities or the Luce Line Trail. Improved access leads to safer and more regular use of the trail.

Volleyball Court for people of all ages to engage in an accessible, minimal impact sport. Volleyball is a popular sport that is easy for people to join in and play.

Stormwater cost reduction is the result of rain and other run-off being managed through the natural draining process rather than in a sewer drain which provides a benefit of_____.

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