Luce Line Brewing Cycling Club

LLB Cycling CLub

The Luce Line Trail Riders is a social cycling club and partnership between Luce Line Brewing and Trailhead Cycling. In joining the Luce Line Trail Riders, members enjoy the best of two worlds – biking and beer. The club promotes biking and safety. LLTR is a volunteer-driven club designed to provide our customers a way to enjoy biking together.

We are a community of like-minded people that promote safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation. We value riding our bicycles with friends, organizing cycling programs and events. We strive to promote a mutual respect between motorists and bicyclists by adhering to the Bicyclist’s Code of Conduct. As a member of the Club, you become an Advocate for better bicycling.

We offer both city and gravel rides that range in distance and difficulty so that you can find rides and riders with similar interests to yours. All rides and events scheduled in the near term are listed on Luce Line Brewing’s calendar of events. There is no cost to join the club. Donations of time and other resources are often made by members as they become more engaged. If you like your bike, the Luce Line Trail Riders has a place for you!

Welcome to Luce Line Brewing’s Cycling Club.