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First Responders Night

Get 25% off your Beer or Seltzer order. Crowlers included. First Responders include: FireFighters Healthcare Police Active or Veteran Military (Please verify profession with ID)

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XmarX Pop Up

MENU: Doner – portobello, marinated cabbage, banana peppers, onion, cucumber, garlic tahini, shatta cream sauce, wrapped in lavash bread.   Hummus – smooth delicious hummus, grape leaves, olive salad, flat bread.   Sweet Potato pakora – sweet potato, red onion, garam masala, chickpea batter. Fried and served with cilantro mint chutney.

Trivia Mafia

Luce Line Brewing Co. 12901 16th Ave N, Plymouth

Trivia Mafia is the largest and most popular bar trivia company in the Midwest. It is old-school, team-based, pen-and-paper trivia. None of this touchscreen nonsense. We ask questions about everything under the sun (and, in certain astronomy-themed rounds, stuff beyond that). Pop culture, history, geography, science, even wordplay, and puzzles. There are no rules. Well, actually, there is one rule. As we like to say: "Use your noodle. Not your Google."
Join us every week for a new round of trivia