Baltic Porter / Neon Moon

Baltic Porter

Brewed with a blend of dark specialty malts as well as three varieties of rye before fermenting low and slow with our house lager yeast. Expect a dark and luxurious porter with notes of rye, cocoa powder and roasted coffee. 

7.5% ABV

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Neon Moon Imperial Stout

Neon Moon is the first imperial stout we’ve released in bottles since we opened Luce Line a little over a year ago. For this stout we used a malt bill that created a really smooth, creamy body that emphasized rich dark chocolate notes with just a touch of roast and dark fruit. After fermentation was complete, we conditioned the beer on pecans that our assistant brewer Dane hand smoked over hickory wood before candying them in maple syrup from Anderson’s Maple Syrup from Wisconsin. The resulting beer is rich and dark with notes of dark chocolate, dark fruits, subtle maple and pecan. It comes in at 10.2% ABV so it’s the perfect beer to share with friends and family over the holidays. 

Available 12/10