Short Rides to Luce Line Brewing

Luce Line Brewing is just a short ride from popular parks around the metro and close to you. Most are less than a 45 minute ride from our brewery. A great distance for beginning riders and families, or a start to a longer ride for more experienced riders.

Bde Maka Ska Harden Park Maple Grove Jr High Park  – Minnetonka Community Center

Luce Line Trail Website | Three Rivers Park System Website

Bde Maka Ska biking trail map

Bde Maka Ska to Luce Line Brewing

The distance is 10.5 miles and takes approximately 45 minutes

Ride with Route

From the parking lot on Lake Bde Maka Ska near West Bde Maka Ska Parkway and Dean Parkway travel West on Lake Street to the cross walk at Bde Maka Ska Parkway. Cross Lake Street onto Bde Maka Ska Parkway. Just to the right of Bde Maka Ska Parkway pick up the Dean Parkway trail in Dean Parkway Park. Follow the trail alongside Dean Parkway. Continue the Dean Parkway Trail as you cross the Midtown Greenway Trail. Continue Dean Parkway Trail until you veer left to Cedar Lake Parkway. Follow the trail along Cedar Lake Parkway (between the road and Cedar Lake). When you come to a fork in the trail (just before the channel between Cedar Lake and Brownie Lake) stay to the left. Cross Cedar Lake Parkway where it meets Cedar Lake Road South. Follow the trail to the right. At this point, the trail transitions to the Wirth Parkway Bike Trail. Remain on the left side of Cedar Lake Parkway on the Wirth Parkway Bike Trail. Eventually, Cedar Lake Parkway forks into Theodore Wirth Parkway. Stay to the left of Theodore Wirth Parkway remaining on the Wirth Parkway Bike Trail. Continue to follow the Wirth Parkway Bike Trail staying left of the road until you run into the Luce line Trail. Turn left onto the Luce Line Trail. Follow the Luce Line Trail until you approach Douglas Drive and a fork in the trail. Follow the fork to the left (traveling South alongside Douglas Drive). Cross Douglas Drive at the Olson Memorial Highway Frontage Road (Prior to reaching Highway 55). Continue to follow the Luce Line Trail along the Golden Valley Country Club Golf Course. Continue the Luce Line Trail as you cross Golden Valley Road. The trail follows Pennsylvania Avenue North until it turns left. Continue to follow the Luce Line Trail. Just beyond Boone Avenue the trail turns right. Just before Plymouth Avenue North it turns left and follows Plymouth Avenue. The trail continues under Highway 169. Continue the Trail to the point where Luce Line Trail meets the Medicine Lake Regional Trail (adjacent to a park). Stay left on the Luce Line Trail. Continue Luce Line Trail as it crosses South Shore Drive and continues to cross West Medicine Lake Drive. Stay to the left at the fork near West Medicine Lake Drive. Follow the Luce line Trail staying left through the next two forks in the trail. Continue to follow the trail to Luce Line Brewing.

Harden Park to Luce Line Brewing

The distance is 5.7 miles and takes approximately 25 minutes

Ride with Route

From Hardin Park access the Luce line Trail and head East. Follow the Luce Line Trail past Gleason Lake to Parkers Lake. The Luce Line Trail passes Parkers Lake Park. Trails to enter/exit the park connect to Luce Line Trail. Parkers Lake Park has a beach, trails, parking, and other amenities. Starting at Parkers Lake Park reduces the distance and time by approximately two-thirds and may be a great starting point for young families. Continue Luce Line Bike Trail crossing over Fernbrook Lane, under 494 through a tunnel, and over Xenium Lane on the Bike/Walking Bridge. Continue the Luce Line Trail to Luce Line Brewing.

Maple Grove Jr High Park to Luce Line Brewing

The distance is 7.5 miles and takes approximately 35 minutes

Ride with Route

From Maple Grove Jr. High School/Park turn left (South) and follow the bike trail that runs along Hemlock Lane (the trail passes Erik’s Bike Shop). Continue trail alongside Hemlock until Hemlock becomes Northwest Boulevard. Continue the trail following Northwest Boulevard. You will cross Bass Lake Road and Chankahda Trail. You will also pass Bass Lake Park which has ample parking and starting here can reduce your bike trip distance and time by about a third. Continue the trail alongside Northwest Boulevard crossing Schmidt Lake Road to County Road 9 (Rockford Road). At this intersection, a trail branches off to Clifton E. French Regional Park. This is also a place where parking is an option and reduces the route by about one-half. French Park also has a beach, trails, and other amenities. Continue along Northwest Boulevard to Werst Medicine Lake Drive. Turn left on West Medicine Lake Drive. Continue West Medicine Lake Drive to 18th Ave North. Turn right on 18th Ave North. Follow 18th Ave North for about 1 block. Turn left onto Forestview Lane North. Follow Forestview Lane North to the Luce line Bike Trail. Turn right on the Luce Line Bike trail. Follow the trail under highway 55 and up a hill to Luce Line Brewing.

Minnetonka Community Center to Luce Line Brewing

The distance is 5.5 miles and takes approximately 25 minutes

Ride with Route

From one of the parking lots near the Community Center follow the main road past the Ice Arena to a circular turnaround. Take the path on the left of the circular road where the gates and the limestone path are located. Follow the path through the woods then cross Minnehaha Creek on a narrow bridge. Continue the path to Minnehaha Place (road). Take a right on Minnehaha Place. Continue at Minnehaha Place until you reach McGinty Road. Take a left on McGinty Road, Follow the trail along McGinty Road until McGinty takes a sharp curve left and the trail continues straight. Follow the trail West until it follows Oakland Road. Continue the trail to Carlson Parkway. Cross 494 Carlson Parkway from the trail/frontage road. Continue at Carlson Parkway until you reach Gleason Lake Drive. Take a left on Gleason Lake Drive to Harbor Lane North. Take a right on Harbor Lane North. Continue Harbor Lane North past 4th Avenue North to 8th Avenue North. Turn right on 8th Avenue North. Follow 8th Avenue North until it becomes Fernbrook Lane North. Continue Fernbrook Lane North to the Luce line Trail. Take a right on the Luce Line Trail. Follow Luce Line Trail under 494 through a tunnel and over Xenium on the biker’s bridge. The Luce Line continues directly to Luce Line Brewing.