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Gritty Gravel Ride starting in the parking lot of Luce Line Brewing…pretty aggressive…get ready to eat dust for 2 hours AND enjoy a post ride beverage or two!

Plymouth Bikes and Beers (PBB) is a social cycling club that utilizes our host brewery’s namesake, the Luce Line Trail. In joining PBB, members enjoy the best of two worlds – biking and beer. PBB is a volunteer led club designed to provide our customers the experience of biking together and enjoying a beer afterwards. Rides start and end at Luce Line Brewing, with riders enjoying $2 off your first pour post ride!

We promote safe and responsible riding by adhering to the Bicyclists Code of Conduct and following the rules of the road. As a member of PBB, you are an advocate for the safety of yourself and others while participating on group rides. Group leaders will provide direction and guidance to ensure everyone on rides comply with the code and rules of the road.

There are road and gravel rides that range in distance and difficulty, so you will be able to find rides and riders in common. There is no cost to join the club. Donations of time and other resources are made by members as they become more engaged with the club. If you like biking and beer, PBB has a place for you!



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